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Digital strategy: which social networks to choose?

Young or old, living in big cities or in remote areas. Almost everyone is now in the habit of browsing social networks. Visiting and interacting on these platforms is not only for individuals.

Various companies from all sectors are trying to carve out a place for themselves in these networks. But is the investment worth it? How to define your Social Media strategy for more efficiency? Here are the details!

Why be present on social media?

Creating an image in social networks requires time and budget. However, we have to admit that more and more brands are getting involved. Let’s find out why!

Social networks provide more visibility

In the US, about 90% of the population has a social network account. Being popular on these platforms makes you more known to the public. The publications shared by Internet users act as advertising for your brand.

Moreover, the presence on social networks contributes to the improvement of your referencing on search engines.

Social networks create a close relationship with Internet users

To get information, consumers rarely bother to write an email or come to the agency. Instead, they are more likely to comment on social media posts or send private messages. Social media profiles make you accessible and humanize your image.

Social networks for effective monitoring

News is constantly being shared on social networks. It is on these platforms that your competitors reveal their products, promotions, activities.

Being present on social media allows you to follow the market evolutions in order to reframe your actions and offers.

What are the different types of social networks?

Knowing the existing categories of social networks leads to better decisions on which platforms to choose.

We generally distinguish between horizontal and vertical social networks.

Horizontal social networks, lacking common characteristics

This class includes networks that all types of Internet users use without having specific characteristics.

Designed for everyone, horizontal social networks are the most popular and attract more than half of the world’s population. The most popular are :


About 221.6 million users are active in the USA, with almost 3 billion Facebookers worldwide.


this video platform attracts 2 billion users per month. The sharing of visual content on this network is particularly important for influencers’ activities.


Photo and short video content are among the formats that attract the most internet users. That’s why Instagram is one of the best-known networks, with more than a billion connected followers per month.

Vertical social networks: a community united by a common interest

These networks bring together specific targets with common characteristics. Internet users choose their platforms according to their interests, jobs, their beliefs, or their hobbies. We distinguish, for example :


one of the social networks focused on the professional world, it gathers 22 million French subscribers with 840 000 companies.


gamers find happiness on this platform that gathers 17 million users per day.


travel enthusiasts and globetrotters cannot do without this network where guides, maps, and travel tips abound.

How to create an effective Social Media strategy?

The 90/9/1 rule indicates that on social networks, 90% of the community listens to you, often passively. While 9% interact through reactions and comments. And only 1% stays engaged.

This requires the establishment of a real Social Media strategy to achieve the desired results.

1. Identify goals and targets

Why do you want to build an image and a community on social media? To make your products known? To gain notoriety? To share concepts and information? The answer allows you to choose the platforms in an efficient way. You must also determine your targets, their age categories, their socio-professional categories, and many others.

2. Choose communication tools with an editorial calendar

Blog posts, visual content, commercials are some of the tools to use on social networks.

However, remember to adapt your choices to your targets and to follow an editorial calendar in order to move forward.

3. Monitoring and analysis of results

Through strategic intelligence, you can analyze the actions of your competitors as well as the expectations of your targets.

The analysis of the results must also be done periodically to control your evolution.

In order to succeed in all these steps, call a digital agency in Wyoming.

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