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How to efficiently perform a digital benchmark?

A team member puts on the hat of a simple customer to collect information from a competitor. Or he picks up data from the official websites of companies in the same sector.

These are only examples of benchmarking, a comparison technique to analyze the practices of other brands, to know its position on the market, and if necessary, to reframe its own strategies.

Benchmarking is also becoming an essential action in the digital domain. Faced with the proliferation of websites related to your business sector, comparing yourself with competitors and analyzing their digital strategies is a must to improve your website.

Performing a digital benchmark: what are the advantages?

Why do companies invest in competitive benchmarking and other types of benchmarking that are currently in vogue? There are several reasons to look into online benchmarking.

To identify competing sites

When it comes to market research, knowing your competitors is as important as knowing your customers and prospects. Through the digital benchmark, you can find out which sites offer the same products as you.

This action allows you to know if these competitors are engaged in paid referencing, in the integration of advertising banners and many other campaigns.

To get ideas for improvement

With the digital benchmark, you discover what your competitors are doing. However, the objective is not to plagiarize their activities. It’s about getting inspired by the market practices to better elaborate your digital strategy.

Your future decisions should not copy the actions of other brands without taking into account your specificities and the expectations of your audience.

The information drawn from the benchmark is therefore limited to an inspiration purpose.

To conduct a SWOT analysis

In business and digital strategy, the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of sites is essential. The benchmark facilitates the discovery of the points on which you are ahead and those requiring improvement.

It also allows you to find opportunities to seize on competitors’ sites, but also to overcome the threats that may catch up with you.

How to succeed in your digital benchmark?

There are several steps to take into account when conducting a study of competing sites.

1. See which content is published

Many types of content are used by websites to build loyalty and increase conversion rates. This can be blog posts, case studies, downloadable documents and many others. This content reveals the industry’s investment in SEO.

2. Analyze the structure of the main competing sites

The study of the structure of websites takes into account various points such as header areas, menus, types of pages, different tags. By observing the tree structure of competing sites, you can ensure that no detail has escaped you in the development of your site. Source of ideas and inspiration, this step contributes to the enrichment of your concept.

3. Study competitors’ keywords

Integrating relevant keywords into content is one of the main ways to improve SEO. In order to find out what are the most searched terms in your field, you can study the publications on the competing sites. In addition to the use of tools like Semrush, the experts in the digital agency in Wyoming accompany you in this step as in the others.

4. Subscribe to newsletters

What could be more convenient to discover your competitors’ new offers than their newsletters? However, you have to make sure that the sites do not notice your monitoring. That’s why it is imperative to use personal emails.

5. Do not omit the technical benchmark

This point consists of evaluating the technical performance of competing sites. The rendering of the Webdesign, the fact of being responsive, the types of pages, the conversion tools such as the contact form are among the criteria to take into account.

6. Perform a broadcast benchmark

To know the position of competitors on the web, measure their notoriety through the number of likes, shares, followers on social networks. The result allows you to work on your weak points and keep your strong points.

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