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Get natural links through link baiting.

Link baiting is an SEO technique that improves the natural referencing of a site. This method is based on the creation of high value-added content and allows to increase the number of backlinks. Strongly appreciated by Google, which recommends obtaining links in a natural way, many SEO agencies are starting to adopt it.

Linkbaiting: what is it?

An essential element of the referencing strategy, the linkbaiting technique relies on the creation of relevant, original and convincing content. These products must be attractive and attractive, in order to serve as a reference for all players in the field. In concrete terms, the goal is to create content that is so attractive that other sites will pick it up. When a site uses a content, it must mention the source and the link to the page. The technique avoids a company to buy links, which is a practice less and less appreciated by Google.

In order to succeed with this strategy, it is important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, whether he is still a simple visitor or already converted into a prospect. It will then be necessary to focus on the important points:

  • The relevance of the content (is it interesting enough to share it on social networks, on the site or to contacts?) ;
  • The added value.

What does linkbaiting bring to SEO?

More and more agencies prefer to use link baiting techniques, because of their proven effectiveness in SEO net linking. Indeed, the concept of recovering inbound links in a natural way is more interesting.

A technique very close to inbound marketing, the objective of link baiting is to obtain quality links from sites dealing with the same topics as the client.

Thanks to this method, all the requirements of Google and other search engines are respected. In addition, link baiting promises long-lasting results for the website’s ranking, although these are often slow to come about compared to aggressive SEO approaches such as link buying.

Can it be mixed with other strategies?

Link baiting necessarily goes hand in hand with other SEO techniques, including content optimization and net linking.

Quality content is indeed the sinews of the link baiting war. An attractive content starts with an original idea, which could interest a community. All formats are allowed, from white papers, infographics, videos, simulators to games.

The website page must also be SEO optimized. As the goal is to obtain backlinks, it is important to make sure that the page is well presented.

A watch by the SEO agency in Wyoming must also be organized to check if the sites that have been published have mentioned their source. To do this, it is enough to do Google searches, or possibly set up alerts on the search engine. In case some of them have taken over the content without redirecting to the site, the SEO team will have to ask them to do it.

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