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Christmas 2021: what digital strategy to adopt?

What a wonderful time of year, when we get ready for the magic of gifts, with Christmas trees and bright decorations! If for private individuals, Christmas and New Year’s Eve correspond to expenses, it is rather synonymous with opportunities for companies. To ensure optimal profitability, it is essential to put in place an adapted marketing strategy. Here are 5 tips for creating impactful and festive communication.

Decorate your website and social networks with holiday colors

What’s the word? Have fun. The goal is to create a fairy dimension, you have carte blanche on the visual design: snow effect, Christmas colors, dress your logo in a Christmas hat. On social networks, like Facebook, don’t hesitate to change your profile photo, cover photo, or header. On Instagram, create a feed especially for the holidays.

If you have a tight budget, you can use Canva to create your publications. In addition, the platform already offers ready-to-use visuals that can be modified according to the identity of your business.

Create valuable content

For each content, don’t hesitate to breathe some Christmas magic! It’s a chance to put some wonder in your texts, to exchange, to share. Just like the spirit of Christmas. Don’t forget that such interactions promote loyalty.

Advice articles

This is the time to give your readers all your tips and ideas to make this period an unforgettable one. Gastronomic recipes, the most beautiful outfits, gift suggestions, originality in decoration. So many subjects that could fascinate your clients. If you deal with more serious subjects, you can, for example, advise on the imperatives related to accounting before the end of the year.

Entertaining visuals

Photos, illustrations, videos. The end of the year period is the opportunity to make your imagination work by creating all kinds of visuals. Make sure you convey all the emotions related to Christmas. However, keep in mind the objective of the digital strategy which is to engage your prospects towards your brand as well as to incite sharing.

Send out newsletters

Send your wishes to your prospects by sending them a newsletter. During holiday periods, send them all sorts of messages :

  • as information (your annual vacations) ;
  • as a promotional message ;
  • to highlight key products;
  • to thank them.

Prepare for web contests

In the spirit of Christmas, it’s time to share. What could be more enjoyable than receiving prizes? Play with the pleasure of winning and organizing contests. Such an operation allows you to increase your notoriety, but also the engagement of your prospects. For the promotion, use classical channels: social networks, newsletter, or directly on the website via a pop-up.

You can also organize interactive contests, which require reflection or action from the users. Propose campaigns like where is Charlie or the game of 7 mistakes. There is an idea that works every Christmas season: the advent calendar. It’s about making your customers participate every day in small contests to win one of your products.

Post on your social networks

During the Christmas period, inspiration for social media posts comes naturally. There is no shortage of ideas: the decorations, the Christmas theme day, the end of year meal, the gift exchange, the festive atmosphere within the company. All these events contribute to the humanization of the brand. It is an effective strategy to solicit the commitment and loyalty of your prospects. These posts also convey a message to potential targets, to show that your company has a good working atmosphere.

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