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05 things for a successful email campaign.

Statistics prove it, an emailing campaign represents an essential channel in the development strategy of a company. With an average return on investment estimated at 3800%, this technique allows to acquire new customers, to keep the old ones and to generate sales. To succeed, there are no shortcuts, quality and hard work are required. Here are 6 elements that must be found in every effective emailing campaign.

Best practice: quality writing

The importance of the object

The writing of the message starts with its subject. This element is the company’s showcase and must make the recipient want to open the e-mail. To do this, it must be short, with an elegant hook, without exceeding 6 words, or between 40 and 50 characters. The subject line should only give a brief overview of the message, while keeping the suspense. It is important to know that writing this element takes as much time as the body of the message itself. It is important to keep in mind that it is the subject line that decides whether or not the recipient will want to read the entire text. An email that is not opened is no better than an email that is not sent.

Personalizing the message

In terms of form, the message must be concise, approximately 250 words. It is essential to use good writing techniques to capture the attention of the interested party and to push him to read to the end. Ideally, it is recommended to rely on the visual structure, in order to highlight the different parts of the message.

Obviously, the message will not be attractive only by its form. It must have a clear message and be addressed to a pre-identified target. The tone used must be light, with a touch of humor. All this without forgetting the strong added value of the message.

Focus on the visual

The rule is simple: customers have very little time to spend on email. Limiting the content makes sense. This is why, in addition to text, a message can contain images. In addition to attracting the reader’s attention, images have the power to transmit precise information instantly.

The image must also respect the graphic charter of the company, especially in the choice of colors, shapes and fonts.

Optimize the transition to action

The goal of this content marketing solution is to reach the maximum number of potential targets. Thus, it is essential to do everything to facilitate and encourage the passage to action.

There are two techniques for subscribing to the mailing list: the opt-in function and the double opt-in. The principle is simple, the form only appears after a certain amount of time spent by the reader on the page or when the page is closed.

The trend in the newsletter is to place special emphasis on personalization. Thus, the interested parties can define themselves the periodicity of reception of the mails coming from a company.

For a reader who is already a subscriber, it is always essential to make it easier for him to take marketing action. For example, you can encourage them to download an ebook.

Define the right frequency of mailings

In an e-mail campaign, regularity is a very important criterion. Although a reader has agreed to receive messages from a company, he does not expect his inbox to be flooded with them. The same goes for multiple mailings after a long period of time without sending.

Implementing A/B testing

It is recommended to always test an e-mail marketing before sending it. In addition to the aesthetic point of view, this operation also makes it possible to accurately analyze the user’s behavior with regard to the message. It is then a matter of comparing the e-mailing campaign with a variable.

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